About This Game

Game play mixes elements of horror, investigation and exploration.

Private Investigator Lance Wells receives credible information on a missing persons case. When a strange cult named "The Followers of Perdition" and a seemingly abandoned town become the focus of his investigation, he must be very cautious not to be detected or risk being lost in the 'eternal flame'. Finding the correct forensic evidence to warrant an arrest against a mad man will be tricky. Jessica Miller made some mistakes and evil eyes are watching, waiting in the shadows.

Objectives :

  • 1. Locate missing person Jessica Miller.

  • 2. Collect enough forensic evidence to warrant an arrest against Dr. Conwell.**

**You will submit forensic evidence collected in the investigation. A proper warrant cannot be authorized unless the right evidence can uphold criminal prosecution.

Features :

  • - Dark , atmospheric first person exploration, including jump scares.

  • - Intense audio cues and narrative.

  • - Original story plot and voice acting.

  • - High quality and terrifying sound design.

Copyright 2017 Waves and Blaze



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